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Strategic Prevention Framework Grant

The Coalition for a Drug-Free Clermont County was awarded a Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF SIG) in 2011. The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) is built on a community-based approach to prevention and a series of implementation principles that can be operationalized at the Federal, State and community levels.

The SPF SIG program provides an effective, comprehensive prevention process, a direction and a common set of goals to be adopted and integrated at all levels. Research has shown that to effectively change attitudes, perception, and ultimately, behavior, prevention strategies must include a comprehensive approach that addresses both the individual and the environment. Substance abuse prevention strategies that address the shared environment are the most effective approach for large populations and are the most cost effective.

The program supports an array of activities to help grantees build a solid foundation for delivering and sustaining effective substance abuse prevention services and reducing substance abuse problems. Following the SPF five-step process, SPF SIG grantees develop comprehensive plans for prevention infrastructure and systems.

The focus of the Clermont County grant is on 18-25 year old prescription drug use.