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After Prom

Underage drinking is a problem that affects all members of our community. The loss of one child is the loss of one too many. Although prom night is only one night out of the year, it is the night in which teens feel the need to push the envelope and typically engage in behaviors they might normally avoid. The Coalition for a Drug-Free Clermont County supports After Prom parties by offering mini-grants to schools to help offset the costs.

Goals of an After Prom Party

  • To provide a safe, chemical free and fun environment for our teens to celebrate with their peers.
  • To serve as a reminder that there are alternative ways to have fun, to make good choices and to embrace life.

The challenge is to make the party so entertaining that teens will want to attend. Some party "musts" include food, music, decorations and prizes. Students who attend these parties must arrive by a certain time. If they leave before it's over, they can't be readmitted. The prizes can be used to entice the youth to stay until the end of the party.

The type of party activities varies. Some schools choose a theme for the party. A few top party activities include:

  • Inflatable obstacle courses
  • Sumo wrestling
  • Virtual reality games
  • Movies
  • Karaoke
  • Henna tattoos
  • Casino gambling (with play money redeemable for prizes)

Other ideas include bowling, swimming, or roller skating if facilities are available in the area.

To apply for an After Prom mini-grant, contact the Coalition Director by June 1st, the year before the After Prom party.